Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

Our solutions turn opportunities into relationships

Relationships matter, particularly when it comes to healthcare. To establish lasting relationships with consumers in today’s healthcare environment, hospitals and healthcare providers must do more than just treat sickness. Increasingly, hospitals also are being asked to offer preventive care and wellness services to the entire populations. H2U offers a range of data-driven, engagement-focused solutions to meet those demands.

When you partner with H2U, we'll draw upon our 30 years of health and wellness marketing experience to help you accurately assess the needs of your community or local employers and implement a cost-effective strategy to engage targeted participants.

Our health and wellness platforms are carefully designed to provide data that will help you better understand your market, fine-tune your growth strategies and measure your success.

Here's a quick overview of your options:

Member loyalty programs

An H2U membership program enables hospitals and healthcare providers to establish a continuing dialog with groups of health-minded consumers. Focused on wellness, these programs enhance your brand by targeting specific market segments like women, seniors or business owners and offering them access to valuable health resources and lifestyle benefits.

Launching and managing an H2U program is easy. Our solutions that include everything you need — sales collateral and training, back-office support, national benefits to ensure ongoing engagement, and customizable communications. This makes our programs a good value for both you and your members.

Employee wellness programs

H2U's robust wellness platform, multi-media educational resources, and administrative support make it easy to engage employees in a friendly, compelling way and encourage them to make healthier choices. In this way, organizations can reduce absenteeism, improve productivity and boost the bottom line.

Our comprehensive wellness solutions, which can include health coaching, are completely turnkey, yet still flexible enough to adapt to the unique requirements of any employee population. Just let us know what you need.

To support hospitals' marketing efforts, we also offer H2U Works, a co-brandable worksite wellness solution for local employers. This wellness platform is designed especially for easy implementation by budget-conscious small- to medium-sized businesses and H2U provides the hospital with back-office support, a robust customer relationship database and myriad reporting options. We simplify program implementation and management, so your team concentrate on building your brand and expanding relationships in the business community.

Employee health clinics

H2U helps companies launch and manage convenient heath centers that offer employees access to high quality, affordable healthcare at or near the workplace. An H2U Health Center can be set up for a single large employer, or several employers can team up with a local hospital or large employer to open a multi-company clinic and share resources and costs.

For hospitals, near-site clinics are a innovative way for a hospital to sponsor a clinic for its own employees, while also offering preventive and primary healthcare to nearby businesses through subscription and visit fees. This model can provide small companies, their employees and their dependents a way to enjoy the benefits of an employee health center at very manageable cost.

This win-win arrangement helps businesses hold down healthcare costs and generates goodwill for the hospital sponsor, who is providing a valuable employee benefit.

H2U Advantages

For your organization

  • Easy implementation
  • Preserves valuable resources
  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Cost-effectively promotes your brand
  • Grows patient volume
  • Provides market insight

For members and employees

  • Trustworthy health and wellness resources
  • Money-saving discounts from national merchants
  • Local discounts, events and other VIP perks

For local business partners

  • A healthier workforce
  • Improvements in employee morale
  • Less absenteeism
  • Potential cost savings